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    for how to GLOW BLUE in your own home!

  • Here are just some of the many ways you can illuminate your world in blue!

    These are just recommendations, shop around!

    Submersible Blue LED Tea Lights - 12 pack

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    Bluedot Trading


    Submersible Bright Light

    Replaceable Batteries 2 per light

    Lasts 12-16 hours

    Blue LED Light Bulb

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    The EcoSmart 2-Watt Blue LED Light Bulb lasts up to 10,000 hours.


    Uses 92% less energy compared to a standard incandescent light bulb

    Blue LED Rope Lighting for exteriors - 10, 18, or 50ft

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    Indoor/Outdoor, safety fused plug for over current protection, end to end construction, connect up to 200ft